BankingRisk ManagementTechnology
March 25, 2021

A Goldman Risk Management Tool Flying Under the Radar

FX risk managers talk up a Goldman Sachs solution called Capital Markets Atlas to measure value at risk.To no one’s surprise, a recent meeting of NeuGroup FX risk managers included plenty of talk about well-known vendors of exposure identification solutions like FireApps and AtlasFX, FX trading platforms including FxAll and 360T, and a variety of ERPs and TMSs. But not everyone in the large virtual room had heard of a self-service tool from Goldman Sachs that some members are using…
FXRisk ManagementTechnology
March 18, 2021

Racing to Change Horses: A Risk Manager’s Quick Switch to AtlasFX

An FX risk manager changed exposure ID systems and implemented the new solution in just three months.Changing horses in midstream is never easy, but sometimes it’s the right move. One FX risk manager who did it explained to members of NeuGroup for Foreign Exchange the benefits of jumping off his existing exposure identification system and hopping onto AtlasFX—in an extremely compressed timeline of three months.   The time and effort spent making the switch under pressure paid off big-time. “We…
Cash & Working CapitalTechnology
March 11, 2021

Future State: Data Lakes, Straight-Through Processing and APIs

Takeaways from NeuGroup’s TMS working group featuring discussion of automation, consolidation of ERPs and more.Straight-through processing (STP) that involves several systems, including payments and bank connectivity, sounds great. But members at a recent NeuGroup TMS Tuesday working group session agreed that efforts to accelerate STP first require a more detailed plan for the overall technology end state of treasury infrastructure. For example, one member said his company is still unsure if it would be best to further integrate all payment…
Capital MarketsTalking ShopTechnology
March 9, 2021

Talking Shop: A Fintech Collects Capital Markets Pricing Data

Background: Members of NeuGroup for Capital Markets recently heard a presentation from InterPrice Technologies, a woman-owned fintech that collects pricing data for issuers. The company says its platform gives corporates access to their costs of capital “at any point in time and streamlines their communication with financing partners.” The technology “automatically aggregates bond, commercial paper and loan indications into intuitive dashboards across currencies and financing products,” InterPrice says.InterPrice on Monday announced it has raised $2.5 million in seed money led…
FXRisk ManagementTechnology
March 4, 2021

AtlasFX and FiREapps: How Two FX Risk Management Systems Stack Up

NeuGroup members share what they need from FX risk management solutions, what they get and what could be better.A need for automation, a user-friendly interface and consistent accuracy were among the highest priorities in selecting an FX risk management platform for members at a recent NeuGroup meeting that zeroed in on FiREapps and AtlasFX.AtlasFX ‘dream state.’ One member who recently worked with AtlasFX to adopt the platform lauded the firm’s flexibility and willingness to meet his company’s requests. “We came…
Cash & Working CapitalTechnology
February 25, 2021

Bridging the Gap With A Hybrid Solution for Cash Flow Forecasting

One NeuGroup member’s solution for more accurate quarterly forecasting combines old school and new school.Accurate long-term cash flow forecasting may be treasury’s white whale, and while the hunt is certainly far from over, assistant treasurers at recent NeuGroup meeting heard about a solution for producing medium-term forecasts.Lack of balance. At the meeting, one AT told the group he is having issues balancing two standard methods for cash forecasting in the short- and long-term. The short-term system forecasts two weeks in…
Diversity & InclusionESGTechnology
February 16, 2021

Impact Investing: A Fintech Connecting Corporates with Communities

CNote helps companies including Mastercard connect with community development financial institutions.Community development financial institutions (CDFIs) have emerged as an effective and attractive tool for corporates initiating or accelerating their commitments to impact investing amid the broader push for diversity and inclusion (D&I). Members of NeuGroup’s Treasurers’ Group of Mega-Caps (tMega) recently heard how a women-led fintech called CNote is simplifying the process of connecting with CDFIs that, in turn, lend capital to borrowers in underserved communities.“CNote is moving money where…
Talking ShopTaxTechnology
February 16, 2021

Talking Shop: Looking for Solutions To Optimize Global Tax Payments

Member question: “We are working to centralize and optimize global statutory and tax payments. What kind of solutions do you have in place?“Entities will have unique tax restrictions, so we will need various solutions depending on the region and country. We’re hoping to understand what kind of solutions you may have uncovered or already have in place. “Does your company have a centralized process for managing global tax payments?“What types of applications or payment types are used for processing tax…
Cyber riskRisk ManagementTechnology
February 4, 2021

Questions About Answers: Moody’s Cybersurvey Raises a Few Concerns

NeuGroup members want to know how the credit rating agency will use survey responses about cyber risk.High-profile corporate cyberattacks have many companies reevaluating how they mitigate cyber risk. And over the past few months, some NeuGroup members have received a lengthy survey from Moody’s asking questions about their companies’ approaches to cybersecurity. The survey, which Moody’s says has about 60 questions, has raised questions—and a few concerns—about what Moody’s will do with the answers.Below is some of what members said…
Capital MarketsTechnology
January 14, 2021

Fertile Ground: Capital Markets Look Good for Growing Tech Companies

Bank of the West/BNP Paribas sees inviting conditions for young companies raising capital in 2021.Capital markets bounced back strongly in the second half of 2020, with soaring levels of convertible bond deals and a healthy climate for IPOs and high-yield bonds. Favorable conditions will continue to benefit emerging technology companies this year, according to Bank of the West/BNP Paribas, sponsor of the fall meeting of the Tech20 High-Growth Treasurers’ Peer Group. Highlights:Low high-yields. Volatility due to political tensions and a…