Cash & Working CapitalFXRegional
August 9, 2023

Argentina: Trapped Cash, Election Tea Leaves, Chinese Currency

Dollar-linked investments are one way multinationals are preparing for a possible devaluation of the Argentine peso. Multinational corporations closely watching Argentina’s primary elections on Aug. 13 for a preview of the general presidential election in October face significant uncertainty about the magnitude and timing of a possible devaluation of the Argentine peso. Many are seeking ways to hedge their exposure to the currency as they struggle to get trapped cash out of a country with capital controls, spiraling inflation, taxes on imports and a scarcity…
Cash & Working CapitalFP&A
August 3, 2023

Boosting Agility by Increasing Speed in Budgeting and Planning

Balancing act: FP&A must balance a faster budget cycle with business unit accountability and effective targets. Agility is about keeping up with and adjusting to the rapid pace of change in market and business conditions. This flexibility often runs counter to FP&A’s deliberate, typically granular, budget-setting process. At a recent session on agility in annual planning, members of NeuGroup for Heads of FP&A discussed how to balance the need for speed with setting effective performance targets and ensuring business unit-level accountability. Keeping…
Cash & Working CapitalESG
July 19, 2023

Walmart Spurs Suppliers To Cut Carbon With Special Finance Terms

The retailer’s Sustainable SCF program via HSBC helps suppliers access capital and reduce its Scope 3 emissions. The toughest nut to crack for many corporates committed to reducing their carbon footprint is so-called Scope 3 emissions generated by their suppliers. To address the challenge and encourage its suppliers to cut carbon, NeuGroup member Walmart established a Sustainable Supply Chain Finance (SCF) program with HSBC through which companies can access more favorable conditions than available in traditional SCF offerings. To qualify,…
Cash & Working CapitalCryptoThe NeuGroup Insights Interview
June 28, 2023

Accept Crypto as Currency? What Airbnb Asked Before Answering

Airbnb treasurer Brian Moore explains, in a video clip, the travel company’s cost-benefit analysis of cryptocurrency. In January 2022, Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky received 4,000 responses from Twitter followers after asking for suggestions on what the travel company could launch that year. No. 1 on the list: crypto payments. Flash forward a year and a half, and Airbnb does not accept cryptocurrency from customers or use crypto to pay hosts. At least not yet. In a video clip from a forthcoming Strategic Finance Lab podcast interview,…
BankingCash & Working Capital
June 8, 2023

FedNow’s July Debut: New Focus On Instant Payment Use Cases

What corporates are saying about the Fed’s instant payment system and what it may mean for them.Blockchain proponents may be promising a bright future of limitless payments made in seconds, but traditional payments infrastructures are providing real-time alternatives today. Next month, the US Federal Reserve will launch FedNow, a payments system that enables USD payments of up to $500,000. The service will join the RTP network, a real-time payment platform owned by The Clearing House and launched in 2017, as an instant payments option.…
Cash & Working CapitalFP&A
June 1, 2023

Visualize, Itemize, Prioritize: Growing Through Cost Reduction

FP&A at one company supports self-funded strategic investments by “relocating” expenses to growth projects. In this challenging economic environment, many companies are cutting costs. However, depending on how they are executed, budget-tightening efforts can backfire by sabotaging top-line growth. At one NeuGroup member company determined to avoid that, leadership adopted a unique mindset. Instead of making arbitrary or across-the-board cost cuts, it is reassigning or “relocating” expenses to free up funds for growth projects. In 2021, the corporate set ambitious…
Cash & Working CapitalRisk Management
May 24, 2023

Debt Limit Deadline Dialogue: Risk, Revolvers, Fiduciary Duty

Finance teams discuss liquidity, parking cash, the big economic picture and treasury’s role as the clock ticks to June 1. Bank deposits, the safety of money market funds (MMFs), de-risking balance sheets, fiduciary duty and revolving credit facilities are among the topics dominating recent discussions among NeuGroup members about liquidity and the possibility of the US government defaulting on its obligations if a deal to raise the debt ceiling isn’t reached by June 1. Watching and waiting. The vast majority of…
Cash & Working CapitalRisk Management
May 18, 2023

Preparing for the Worst in the Debt Ceiling Showdown

As June 1 draws close, treasury teams need to consider how a default might affect liquidity and what to do now. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen repeated on Monday that if the debt limit isn’t increased or paused, the US will probably be unable to pay all its bills as early as June 1. And while the worst case scenario of a default seems unlikely, few observers see a quick fix to the problem, despite Tuesday’s meeting between President Biden and…
Cash & Working CapitalCrypto
May 11, 2023

Crypto for Corporates: Stablecoins and the Future of ‘DeFi’

A Strategic Finance Lab interview with Custodia Bank’s Caitlin Long and a video featuring Accenture’s Duane Block. Many finance professionals at multinational corporations remain skeptics about cryptocurrencies, including stablecoins. No wonder: Fraud charges tied to the collapse of FTX as well as two stablecoins losing their dollar pegs—Terra and USDC—have fueled well-founded fears about the world of digital assets in the last year. But that’s not the whole story. There are numerous, sound reasons treasury and finance leaders need to dig deeper and learn more…
Cash & Working CapitalTechnology
May 11, 2023

Driving Payments Innovation: Treasury’s Collaborative Approach

How one member’s forward-thinking team within treasury fuels payments innovation and business success. Finance organizations reaching their full potential can play a critical role as companies explore new products, services and business models. That’s happening at one NeuGroup member company where a dedicated treasury team partners with products and payments groups to lead innovative banking and payments infrastructure initiatives that better support business requirements. At the inaugural session of the NeuGroup for Payment Strategy working group, representatives from sponsor Citi co-presented with…